Brand Introduction

Under the founding company US Surfaces, Vadara Quartz offers accessibility to a wide range of affiliated product offerings.

The design of LE Quartz Surfaces inspired by nature itself, led by our American interior design team, presents fashion fabricated by a combination of cutting edge technology and inspiration. LE Surfaces offers an unique, natural and elegant quartz product suitable for all kinds of cabinets color matching, reinforcing the beauty and elegance of the kitchen.
Our persistent yet meticulous pursuit of nature beauty is making LE Surfaces one of the most loved quartz Surfaces for Interior designers.

Supply Chain

As a part of Loyalty Enterprises Group, LE Surfaces is an vertically integrated company, including self-owned quartz mine, raw material processing, equipment manu­facturing, product development and design. Today, the company has over 1,500 employees, 15 production lines and monthly output exceeds 210,000 square meters. LE Surfaces includes: L&E Stone(China), LEKO Stone(­South Korea), LE North America(USA), LEMAC(High-end Equipment Manufacturing ), LE Quartz (Processing and Production of Quartz Raw Material).
LE Surfaces has achieved incredible growth over the years and today our global presence extends to over 35 countries, servicing through an extensive network of independent distributors and large OEM clients. The company works in partnership with its clients to provide high quality and beautifully design quartz slabs, deter­mined to push Quartz Surfaces to a new level of beauty and elegance.

QuaNae Tech

Natural Marble has always been the focus of its luxury and exquisite features, but compromised by its characteristics of its fragileness and low surface resistance to acids, oils and liquids, as well as heat, scratching, chipping and cracking. These fundamental flaws of marble are well addressed by quartz surfaces in the physical property side, with an ongoing approach to get closer or even surpass the beauty of natural marble.
QuaNae Tech, the ingenious technology of LE Surfaces, is put into use from 2020. The core value is to make the quartz surfaces more natural, even beyond the beauty of natural marble. Based on the innovative QuaNae Tech, our new color series of 2020 displays a much richer color with depth and enhanced bueaty. Now, the 'QuaNae'Tech is being applied in more and more products of LE Surfac­es.
The Robot Automatic Distribute Tech of LE Surfaces is now mature for making products. Ensuring the appearance of the quartz surfaces, the Tech improves the production efficiency and stabty. The Tech is no longer limited to the original simple repetitive process and, even more so, create an unique collection of colors.
The Digital Management System is one of the few intell广gent management systems in quartz industry. The system offers a more convenient and safe purchase process for buyers. It allows buyers to place order online, check production progress, slab images, check delivery status, etc.

Products Position

Benchmark of environmentally-friendly building materials, the exquisite quartz stones are preferred.
L&E enterprise blends the love for life, yearning for nature, concern for people and pursuit of health into each product, dedicate to consumers based on the innovative technology, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent service, and make more people really feel the human-oriented spirit and innovative philosophy of L&E enterprise in the process of using L&E products and enjoying the service, so as to guide the enterprise to develop in a healthy and sustainable way.
tegoal of L& E enterprise. Life can only be sublimated in the process of creation; the enterprise only can be developed and stronger in the process of creation, can embody the social value and the development significance, and provide the everlasting wealth-creation platform and guarantee for our partners, employees and users on this basis.